Qualigen Announces New Patent Issued for its FastPack® Diagnostic Technology in China

Qualigen, Inc., a privately-owned company that provides novel diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases, announced today the issuance of China Patent Number ZL 2017 3 0590489.7, which covers the design of Qualigen’s novel FastPack 2.0 Reagent Pouch. The patent, which provides protection until November 2027, is part of a family of patents and patent applications that protect Qualigen’s FastPack “Laboratory in a Pouch” rapid immunoassay diagnostic technology. “We are pleased to strengthen our intellectual property protection with the addition of this patent in China covering our core FastPack diagnostic technology,” stated Michael S. Poirier, Chief Executive Officer of Qualigen. “We have consistently sought to protect, expand, and improve uses of our FastPack diagnostic technologies in the U.S. and worldwide. As such, we now have over 40 issued patents in this space.”