Since its inception, the Qualigen’s initial R&D focus has been on its FastPack diagnostic system and related core technologies. These same technologies are now the basis for the Company’s expansion into therapeutic applications for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease. Qualigen’s Selective Target Antigen Removal System (STARS), is an investigational therapeutic device product currently under development and evaluation that will utilize core expertise in advanced reagents and coatings to remove disease associated agents directly from a patient’s blood. The key components of STARS, membranes coated with target capture reagents, utilize several proprietary processes developed and used in the FastPack product lines. Proprietary STARS cartridges will be designed for use with conventional dialysis or hemofiltration machines to treat patients with various cancers; to remove immune checkpoints, metastatic cells, and inflammation factors. STARS could also be used to treat infectious diseases by removing circulating viruses sufficiently to facilitate patient stabilization and recovery.