Qualigen’s Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnerships have played an important role in Qualigen’s growth strategy.  To date, the company has developed significant alliances with leading biotechnology companies and research centers that enable us to accelerate our proprietary programs, while retaining significant value in the downstream potential.  Qualigen continues to actively develop alliances that complement our expertise in product development and commercialization with important scientific, clinical and business capabilities.


University of Louisville

In July 2018, Qualigen licensed UofL patents, intellectual property and other assets associated with anti-nucleolin agent-conjugated nanoparticles, a novel molecular-based compound that has shown promise as an anticancer drug, a radio-sensitizing agent and an MRI contrasting agent, whereby Qualigen took over development, regulatory approval and commercialization for this technology.  Pre-clinical optimization work is currently taking place at UofL laboratories, under a sponsored research agreement with the company.  In addition, Qualigen recently entered into a sponsored research agreement with UofL for development of a small molecule RAS Inhibitor cancer drug.


Advanced Cancer Therapeutics LLC

In December 2018, Qualigen licensed Advanced Cancer Therapeutics’ patents, intellectual property and know-how associated with the antiproliferative activity of G-rich oligonucleotides ACT-GRO-777 (also known as AS1411) and methods of using these to bind to nucleolin, a protein that is present on the surface of tumor cells.  AS1411 is a novel aptamer-based anticancer technology and a key component of Qualigen’s anti-nucleolin agent-conjugated nanoparticle drug (AS1411-GNP) that can be used to treat virtually any type of cancer.  The AS1411 aptamer has been tested as a drug in over 100 patients with no evidence of severe side effects, and at least 7 patients had long-lasting clinical responses, where their cancers either disappeared or shrank substantially. 


Sekisui Diagnostics LLC

Qualigen signed an agreement with Sekisui Diagnostics in May 2016 to be the exclusive distributor for Qualigen’s FastPack products worldwide.  In addition, Sekisui funded development of the FastPack 2.0 platform, which began CLIA Waiver clinical trials in February, 2019.  Headquartered in Lexington, MA, Sekisui Diagnostics has annual revenue of over $182 million and performs over 1.7 billion processes each year using their clinical chemistry systems.  Their parent company, Sekisui Chemical, is headquartered in Japan and has a market capitalization of over $7 billion.


Prediction BioSciences SAS


In November 2015 the company entered into a development agreement with Prediction BioSciences SAS to develop and manufacture diagnostic tests to detect cellular fibronectin for use in stroke critical care applications.


Future Diagnostics B.V.

In August, 2012 Qualigen licensed certain patents, intellectual property and know-how from Future Diagnostics, B.V., for use with the company’s FastPack Vitamin D Assay.  Specifically, the company obtained the rights to use a certain method for the release of vitamin D from vitamin D binding protein, which is an essential element in accurate vitamin D testing. 


DIAsource Immunoassays SA

In September 2012 Qualigen entered into a license and supply agreement with DIAsource Immunoassays SA for the rights to use certain raw materials for use with the company’s FastPack Vitamin D Assay.