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Qualigen Technology Partners

Qualigen’s patented FastPack® technology allows our business partners to capitalize on opportunities in a broad spectrum of clinical, research, environmental, industrial animal health and other applications by accessing the world’s leading, rapid, fully quantitative immunoassay system. The FastPack® System is the ideal solution when your novel biomarker requires an easy to use, rapid, fully quantitative format. Most immunoassay formats are easily adapted to the FastPack® System, greatly reducing development time.

Qualigen is committed to expanding the utility of the FastPack® System by building strong, mutually rewarding partnerships with technology innovators who have novel biomarkers. If you would like to explore how FastPack® Technology can help grow your company’s business, please contact us at businessdevelopment@qualigeninc.com

Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Qualigen Partner and developing content on the proven FastPack® System:

FastPack® Technology is the Standard in
Quantitative Immunoassay Testing

• Patented FastPack® Disposable Pouch
• Ultra-Sensitive Chemiluminescent Detection Technology
• One-Step User Interface
• Rapid Assay Kinetics: Most Assays run in 10 Minutes or less
• Marketed Worldwide

FastPack® Technology is Easily Adaptable to New Applications
• Paramagnetic Particle, Streptavidin/Biotin Reagent System
• Sandwich and Competitive Immunoassay Formats Accommodated
• Open architecture design
• Custom Assay Software

FastPack® Quality
• FDA cleared/ CE Marked
• Fully QSR Compliant Manufacturing
• ISO 13485 Certified

Qualigen has an active product development pipeline and is pursuing opportunities to expand the FastPack® System menu in areas where, rapid, high quality, quantitative immunoassay results are needed:
• Laboratories
• Transplant Centers
• Pharma / Research
• Military
• Industrial
• Animal Health
• Agricultural



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