FastPack® 2.0

Qualigen’s third-generation system, FastPack 2.0, is designed to run quantitative immunoassays on whole blood samples collected by either capillary tube or venipuncture – a feature that is not available in FastPack 1.0 or FastPack IP. In order to ensure foolproof operation, the FastPack 2.0 Analyzer incorporates patented sensor technology to verify the integrity of the blood sample before the main immunoassay sequence is allowed to begin.  All of this is done while the FastPack 2.0 reagent pouch is in the analyzer and no further operator intervention is required.  Additional upgrades in the FastPack 2.0 Analyzer include a full-color touch-screen graphic user interface with on-screen prompts, an external bar code scanner for entering patient and operator identification, on-board quality control, wireless connectivity and full compatibility with the latest electronic medical records programs.  This product is currently undergoing clinical trials and is expected to be available in 2020.